Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tolmania Flags from the Great Dictator 1940

Flags of Tolmania

A year before the start of World War II, Charlie Chaplin gave his greatest speech that has echoed though time. The national symbol of Tolmania takes several forms. There are pennants, long banners, and in the four corners of the car we see the traditional rectangular version of the Tolmanian Nation. A parody of the times done to mock Hitler and Nazi Germany. Note this movie was created and released before the attack on Pearl Harbor and invasion of the Soviet Union.

Coincidentally Hitler and Chaplin were born in the same year - 1889. Likewise the swastika like Chaplin's mustache was corrupted by Western history to become a symbol synonymous with evil, at least in the Western Mind. Chaplin also wore a small square under nose mustache long before Adolf. Likewise the swastika has been a symbol of pride and peace for hundreds of years long before its 'Western Corruption' in World War II.

Mel Brooks humor before Mel Brooks cinema. Mr. Brooks would have been 14 or 15 years old when he saw this movie - that's eighth or ninth grade American. It is the famous thinker statue mocking the Nazi Reich arm salute. But notice its the left arm that is saluting the Great Dictator and not the right.

The flag of Tolmania consisted of two white 'Xes' on a field of black, presumably on a red field. Here Tolmanian Vexillums stand in the background. Their is an additional symbol that looks like a torch with two arrows pointing to the left and right.

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