Monday, September 18, 2017

Colorado-Kerguelen Antipode Flag

Antipodal areas are a rare thing in the USA.  Just a few states are a part of this club, which includes Colorado.  A small region of Colorado is antipodal to a remote region in France: Kerguelen.  But this not a normal part of France.  Kerguelen is off in the South India Ocean. 

But this flag is for that special slice of the of the Earth where one is standing on the opposite end of the world.  And go figure that Colorado would have such a space.  The flag combines the Big Dipper with the Southern Cross, since these star systems are easily visible from each respective area. 

The old idea that China is under America is dead wrong, rather it is true that if you dig straight down from certain parts in Colorado you'll end up in France.  Or rather there is part of France underneath the USA.  This flag commemorates this special geographic zone that connects Colorado to a few remote isles in the South India Ocean. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Prime Positioning

Last month the flag of the Prime Meridian flew across Greenwich.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Disputed International Spaces Flag

The flag for disputed international spaces is loosely based upon the Olympic Flag.  However, the continents are represented by coloured squares.  Additionally there are a total of seven squares for all seven continents.  This flag is a neutral flag that has all the major colours of the rainbow.  The colours indicate a call for a peaceful and fair resolve in the spirit of the international games. The white field represents that peaceful resolve is possible. 

International Dateline Flag

The International Date line flag takes the elements of the Prime Meridian and 180th Meridian Flag, combining them into something new.  In the middle is a black and yellow checker pattern guarded by a blue, orange, and two white stripes.  The field near the hoist is orange, while the fly field is blue.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Thames Ferry Service Flags

Ferry service on the Thames is an ancient line of work.  Today, there is an armada of ferries that go back and forth.  They often have guided tours on the outbound trips, towards to sea.  The ferry service flags have a logo similar to the London Underground or subway service.  But for the ferry is has cyan circle on a field of gray with the central horizontal bar with the word 'RIVER' written across.

You can see the famous Cutty Sark in the background, which also has a fine spirit for its namesake.  Additionally you can see a tiny Union Flag on top of the little orange and yellow striped play-light house.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ICV 27 - Help Desk and other Displays

The ICV UK Flag Institute Staff was a wonderful help.  Organizing such events takes months, time, and hours of dedication.  Everyone was delighted that the red-shirts did such a fantastic job!

Sekhar Chakrabarti sitting at a table, selling patches of India flag and the book he wrote about the flag of India through the postage stamps.  


At the other side tables are vexillologist showing off their work for fun and sales.  Here is Whitney's virtual twin by a few days Alfred Znamierowski.  He is sitting by the flag book that he had written, which gets re-published every few years.

Ronald C. Strachan is standing next to a flag of the Principality of the Hutt River which is in Western Australia.   This 'protest' state was declared April 21, 1970.  This state have no international recognition, yet it is in the same caliber somewhat of the Conch Republic in the Florida Keys. 

Ron Strachan is one of Australia's leading producers of flags for the nation.  You can order flags at:

Monday, August 14, 2017

Closing Banquet, ICV 27 at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, London

The banquet took place in the "Gladstone Library" room, not the real Gladstone Library.  Nonetheless the elegance of the hotel would make the American Country Club look like your average American corner, street bar.  Suffice it to say the it was like jumping in the Mary Poppins Fantasy Fairy-Tale.  We were half expecting the Queen to make an appearance.  

 It was a particularly peacefully, poetic, pleasant, placid, display of pomp.  The feel of a classy crowd of carousing camaraderie was in the air. Suffice it to say to food was good eatin'.