Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Don't Tread On Me, Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is the fictional Dojo in the Karate Kid that trains the bullies.  Their motto is "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy."  Although Cobra's don't have rattles, they do have hoods, that tell their opponent to back off or else.

An Appeal To Heaven, Christmas Flag

Merry Christmas!  Christmas in July?  It is the 25th after all.  This flag is play on the Appeal to Heaven 1776 pine tree flag.  But note that there are 13 lights on the tree, and 50 snowflakes in the background.

Feel free to make your own An Appeal To Heaven Christmas flag, but the rules are they need to have 13 decorations on the tree and 50 snowflakes or stars in the background.  And one star, angel, or whatever on the top. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

An Appeal to Heaven, The Karate Kid

The Appeal to Heaven flag was one of the original flags from the American Revolution of 1776.  It features a pine tree on a white background and the words, "An Appeal To Heaven."  But with this flag the pine tree logo of The Karate Kid takes the place of the pine tree and a slightly different saying.  Thanks to this movie a grain of love between American, Japan, and Japanese-Americans was created.

This is the second place flag with the original Appeal to Heaven mantra.
Here is the original type from 1776.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Gannon Republic Flag, California Style

Finally we have some respect for the baddest and bad guy in video games.  Gannon is the anti-hero of the Zelda universe.  Without him there is no game, no adventure, no fun.  So in honor of the great of great bad guys we have the Gannon Republic Flag, based upon the California Flag.

An Appeal To Heaven, Original Zelda

An Appeal To Heaven combines with the background trees from the original Legend of Zelda 1986.   This flag is based upon the patriotic pine tree flag from 1776.  But here the iconic trees from first Zelda game replace the tree.

Here is the second place flag that has the trees in Triforce formation.

An Appeal To Heaven, The Kite Eating Tree

Charlie Brown and the Kite Eating Tree, or rather the Charlie Brown ONLY Kite Eating Tree, makes a good fun flag with the Appeal to Heaven upon it.  In this version the Kite Eating Tree has not only ate Brown's Kite but also gave Charlie a little twist.

The original USA Pine Tree flag from 1776 had more positive connotations.

An Appeal To Heavenly Minecrafting

Minecraft is still in its initial stages, but wait till the internet goes deeper and more virtual; then this stuff will get really real.  We have a fun Minecraft Flag that plays upon the Pine Tree Patriot flag from the American Revolution of 1776.

 Here is the second place flag, that mentions Minecraft, combining the two flags more effectively. 

Here is the original flag, compared to the Minecraftified version.