Saturday, March 17, 2018

Irish-Arab Pride Flag

Some people have the pleasure of belonging to group, yet some are born in between cultures.  This flag is for persons of Irish and Arab heritages.

Irish-Jewish Pride Harp Flag

There are minorities and then there are hyper-minorities.  Hyper-minorities hardly have a voice in the media and are often grouped in one side or the other.  But in this case we have the Irish-Israeli pride flag.  It is for persons who are have Irish and Jewish heritage.  This is a more common thing in the US and Canada.

Irish-Spanish Pride Flag

Indeed the Irish-Spanish are a super minority, that hardly gets noticed.  Well, on this St. Patrick's Day... Good Day to you all!!

Irish-Chinese Pride Flag

Perhaps the most famous Irish-Chinese person in the world is Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong.  Originally a Canadian fellow, this ex-patriot loyalist is of the rare hyper-minority of Ireland and China.  Likewise a flag for this enchanting group of good vibes and general all around friendliness.

Irish-Vietnamese Pride Flag

One positive consequence of the Cold War chapter in Vietnam was the creation of Irish-Vietnamese.  This group is certainly of the hyper-minority, yet they have the blessings of being Irish and Vietnamese.

Irish-African Pride Flag

Happy St. Patric's Day!  It is the one day for the year that the world turns its attention to Isle of Erin.  As many people in the US and Canada can relate to, there are is a sizable population of Irish-African people.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Irish-Dutch Pride, Harp Flag

Although worlds apart, Ireland and the Netherlands have mixed to some extent in the United States.  Religious traditions separate yet the fiber of America unites.  Here is a flag for the celebration of Irish and Dutch peoples who mingle all across the world.